Your order is coming via Freight!  What this means is that your order is on a pallet(s) and is being delivered by a semi-truck.  

The freight company will call prior to delivery to set up an appointment.  You can expect a call from a 800 number or a local number that you do not recognize.  Please answer this call!  

This delivery is curbside only.  What this means is that the driver will place your order at the end of your driveway and at the end of your driveway only.  

Sometimes your assistance is needed!  Not with the 500+LBS pallet, but maybe with the loose barbells and uprights.


Unfortunately, items are damaged during transit from time to time. It is imperative you note any damages prior to the driver leaving. Please take pictures of the damage and send us an email to


The driver will always have you sign a delivery receipt (see below).  On this delivery receipt, it will list the amount of items associated with your delivery.  Signing this receipt acknowledges you have received everything and nothing is damaged, so it is imperative that you have actually received your full order.  

If your entire order is not present at the time of delivery, it is imperative that you sign for the delivery “short” and identify what is missing. 

If your delivery is short, the freight company will immediately begin looking for the missing item.  When the item is found, they will contact you again to schedule a new delivery.  If for any reason, your item is not found, or the delivery company does not deliver the missing item, please contact